Product Description

Screwdriver Set.
Slotted screwdrivers: SL3 x 75, SL4 x 100, SL5.5 x 75, SL6 x 100, SL8 x 150, SL10 x 200
Phillips screwdrivers: PH0 x 75, PH1 x 75, PH2 x 100, PH2 x 150, PH3 x 150
Pozi screwdrivers: PZ0 x 75, PZ1 x 100, PZ2 x 100, PZ3 x 150
Supplied in EVA Foam.
Ergonomic comfort-grip handles with non-slip finish. Resistant to damage from most oils and solvents. Shaft made from chrome plated SVCM steel. Hardened tip. Some drivers with a hex bolt. High polished chrome finish.