Product Description

CE-LIT Radiator cement
1 sachet treats approximately 12 litres of water.
Celit Radiator Stop Leak has been specifically developed to temporarily repair leaks in automotive cooling systems, cylinder blocks and water pumps even when used with antifreeze. Powder formulation comes in handy sachets for cars, or tubes for larger vehicles such as trucks and tractors.
(Not suitable for certain Rover models).
The product is compatible with all types of glycol based antifreeze normally used in cooling systems.
Fill radiator to just below the top, run engine until warm then poor contents into radiator – or header tank – and replace
radiator cap. Idle engine until leak is sealed. Top up radiator if necessary.
If stored dry and away from moisture, 2 years from date of manufacture.
Available in 1,2,6,12 & 24 Sachet quantities.